Welcome to More Than Words… Therapy

More Than Words… Therapy Services is committed to providing quality therapy to children and their families in Clarksville, TN and servicing our military families in the Ft. Campbell/Oak Grove, KY area.  Comprehensive home programs are designed to facilitate generalization of goals. Parents are viewed as collaborators in our therapy treatment program. What sets us apart from other therapy providers is that we pride ourselves on involving caregivers into therapy routines, while implementing their roles into our treatment plans. Our innovative ways of providing therapy keeps our patients engaged from beginning to end, and makes every minute of therapy enjoyable!

More Than Words… Therapy Services offers a broad spectrum of communication related services to meet the needs of children and their families in Clarksville, TN and to the Ft. Campbell/Oak Grove KY, area. Our team is compiled of only certified and highly qualified, licensed therapists. We provide the highest level of individualized speech, language, occupational, feeding, and physical therapy services to individuals in need, including evaluation and consulting services. We have built strong relationships with childcare centers in and around the area and continue to be active in the community.

Areas of Therapy