Monthly Archives: December 2018

  • What is ‘W’ Sitting and How Can Pediatric Therapy Help?

    As the parent, one of your main focuses is helping your child overcome physical obstacles that may be holding them back from being their best. One of the most common problems for children who see the physical therapist is “W” sitting. A physical therapy program can help resolve the problem of W sitting, but to […]

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  • Help for Handwriting! 3 Ways to Practice Handwriting with Your Child

    It’s every parent’s dream to set their child up for long-term success. Who hasn’t seen a doctor’s ridiculous scrawl and thought to themselves, “Oh, my gosh, who taught this person how to write?!” Handwriting says a lot about an individual, and the absolute best time to get started teaching penmanship is during the early years. […]

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