More Than Words Therapy Services understands the lack of certified Speech Language Pathologists that are required to sustain the special education population.  To minimize the impact of the lack of specialized employees, More Than Words… has implemented it’s telepractice option. Telepractice gives children who require the specialized treatment by a Speech Language Pathologist immediate access to treatment. Telepractice is the online administration of speech therapy.  Services are real time video and audio.  All responsibilities of a Speech Language Pathologist can be delivered in an online format.  Exclusive software and experience allows for immediate access to administration of evaluations, attendance of meetings, and implementation of therapy.  Evaluations can be completed and reports in hand within 24 hours of receipt of referral.  Screenings can also be conducted, freeing valuable time and minimizing frustration with the delay of treatment. Telepractice can also be used to provide a helping hand to schools with a traditional Speech Language Pathologist.  Sessions can be delivered to allow the clinician time to focus on clerical duties.  Evaluations can be completed to allow the clinician to focus on therapeutic techniques.

By using telepractice, assistance can be delivered without removing the autonomy of the active clinician. Our Speech Language Pathologists are fully credentialed by the American Speech Language Association, licensed by the Department of Education, and the Department of Health.  This allows for direct supervision of Speech Language Teachers (SLTs).   The saves the district money by increasing the support system of potential full time therapists and by reducing the need of a Speech Language Pathologist traveling between schools to supervise. Providing support to the traditional Speech Language Pathologists and Speech Language Teachers increases employment related motivation. This results in a decrease of turn over.  This also ensures that regulations are met and more importantly, special education students are receiving the services they deserve.

Why choose telepractice?

  • Speech Language Pathologists can attend IEP meetings remotely.
  • Teachers and special educators can have immediate access to a therapist for a variety of purposes:
    • Training
    • Goal questions
    • Exercises
    • School systems have access to top Speech Language Pathologists across the country.
    • Evaluations are the same standardized assessments provided in traditional therapy. However, these assessments are administered online resulting in immediate data.
  • Our services are highly productive that work around a school’s schedule.
  • There are no material, mileage, or drive-time charges.
  • The software program used reduces time and increases the effectiveness of actual treatment time.
  • Online homework if provided for no additional fee allowing families to participate in the therapy process. Ease of Implementation
  • All that’s required is a computer with an Internet connection, a webcam, and an audio headset.
  • Therapy material and homework is presented online during the live session.
  • Evaluations can be completed and reports written within 24 hours~keeping the school system up to date on state regulations. Contact us today to discuss how we can elevate your special education services.